Top 10 Travel Destinations in Taiwan

Taipei: Taiwan’s capital is one of the most dynamic cities in Asia. Taipei has ancient temples, a museum that holds the world’s largest collection of Chinese artifacts, vast memorials, world-class hotels, the popular Taipei 101 Tower, and endless shopping opportunities.

Green Island: Scuba dive, snorkel, or soak in a sea-water hot spring on tiny, lush Green Island (Lyudao), in the Pacific Ocean, 30km east of Taitung.

Sun Moon Lake: Walk around, or paddle across Taiwan’s largest lake in the beautiful green hills of the Central Mountain Range. Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s most popular natural tourist attraction.

Taroko Gorge: With its marble-walled canyons, remote mountains and rushing rivers, Taroko National Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my life. I’ve visited the area at least 50 times since moving to Taiwan and I still go back again and again to hike, swim, or just cruise along the scenic Cross Central Highway.

Hualien has a lot of charm, beautiful beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. It is the biggest city on the east coast of Taiwan and is home to many ethnic minorities. Hualien is the gateway to Taroko Gorge and one of my favorite places to surf in Taiwan.

Kenting is the most popular beach resort in Taiwan. The warm tropical weather makes it a favorite travel destination in winter. Kenting also has wicked surfing, decent scuba diving sites and some hiking trails.

Maolin has remote mountains, waterfalls, rushing rivers, hot springs, a very long suspension bridge, and even a butterfly sanctuary. This wild, unspoiled region is also home to the friendly Rukai aboriginal tribe.

Lugang is one of Taiwan’s oldest towns and is famous for its old market street, magnificent temples, curved streets, and fine traditional handicrafts.

Tainan is Taiwan’s temple capital. It’s the best place to witness ancient Chinese traditions and age-old religious ceremonies. Tainan is my favorite city in Taiwan. If you’re into photography, make sure to put Tainan way at the top of your list of places to visit in Taiwan.

Hehuan mountian is located in Central Taiwan, on the western edge of Taroko National Park. This alpine station is characterized by rolling green hills that often disappear in a sea of clouds. This is where you’ll find the most accessible high altitude hiking trails in Taiwan with most peaks reaching heights of more than 3000m.

source: taiwanese secrets

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